Text-to-image generation

Learn how to generate images with the Automatic1111 user interface

Once you have launched the playground instance (see Introduction for more details on the one-click launch), you are ready to start creating images. One of the most basic applications of using the Stable Diffusion model is you can use the model to help you generate images using text descriptions. Using Stablematic, you can use this feature on any Stable Diffusion model or checkpoints. With your playground launched, on the top left you should see a number of tabs. By default, you should be on the txt2img tab. This tab enables you to input text as a description for what images you want the AI model to generate for you. This description is knowing as 'prompting' and will affect what image the AI will generate for you. See our prompt guide and anatomy of a prompt for more tips and tricks on how to get an image closer to what you want using text prompts.

The next sections will cover more advanced techniques of txt2img using Stablematic.

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