A gentle overview of Stablematic


Stablematic provides a dedicated web instance of open source user interfaces for running Stable Diffusion and other machine learning models. Stablematic makes it easy to run Stable Diffusion and any of the latest models using the best hardware on your web browser. Using Stablematic, you are able to do a variety of machine learning tasks from text to image generation, image to image generation, finetuning your own models, text to video etc.


Using Stablematic is as simple as a click on your dashboard. After clicking to launch Stablematic, your dedicated instance will load and then launch.

After clicking 'Launch Stable Diffusion Playground' after a little loading time you will be able to click on the generated link to launch the Stable Diffusion playground.

You are then ready to start creating!

The next few sections will provide some guides and tricks on what you can create.

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